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Fitness for Caged Canaries from the Wharf

I had not been to Canary Wharf for quite some time and it was nice to experience the new shops and cafes, which have sprung up. We camped out in one of these to go through my goal setting session with Laura Connor and Rosie Hopegood. I feel that when meeting clients for the first […]


Following last years Virgin London Marathon attempt featuring myself, dressed as a cheetah, walking with a wounded David Hemery, both of us having Achilles tendonitis. I am planning to run this year and am lucky enough to have been given a celebrity place again and was on track to be the fastest person in fancy […]

Deep Heat Muscle Massage Roll on Lotion

DEEP HEAT MUSCLE MASSAGE ROLL ON LOTION  Some people say that tight, knotted muscles come hand-in-hand with a good workout but that’s not the case. Incorporating a warm-up and cool-down routine into your training can help prevent injury and lead to a more effective session. I would advise a warm up routine that increases joint […]

Hot & cold therapy on the body can speed up recovery from workouts & injury. Why this is so?

  As an Olympian and World Champion rower and now GB age group triathlete, I have used hot and cold therapy to help me recover from tough workouts and injury. When you sustain an injury, it will often result in inflammation, swelling and pain at the site. In this acute situation, it is helpful to […]

Deep Heat & the Press Association 2nd run training session

I managed to pick another sunny day for Claire Spreadbury and her running team from the Press Association. We had the lovely backdrop of The Mall, Buckingham Palace and St James Park. Most winter running is done in miserable weather so when you get a day like this you have to enjoy it and make […]

Apostheraphy & me again

Apostheraphy Since my last appointment to see Katy Veale at Apostherapy Chancery Lane, London, I have adapted well to the shoes. What was initially challenging has become easy. Due to this progress, on my most recent visit Katy changed my circular discs/pods on the bottom of the shoes. This gave my muscles another stimulus to […]

Apostherapy and me

I have been pleasantly surprised by the treatment so far. I initially underwent a thorough gait analysis involving Katy Veale, London Clinical Lead, observing me walk forwards and backwards again and again. She then fitted the pods onto the Apos shoes and made repeated small adjustments to them until she was happy. The strict advice […]

Outdoor Fitness – 5 top tips for warm up

  1)   From my background as an Olympic athlete and now coach and personal trainer, I know how important it is to warm up properly before a workout. The main purpose of a warm-up is to provide gradual increase in activity to activate required energy systems, major joints and muscles. Stimulation of the CNS […]


I met Claire Spreadbury the previous week to discuss her health and fitness goals, ahead of the London Winter 10K run at the end of January. We broke down her goals into manageable chunks to establish how she can pick up more speed. I often find this is the first thing that people over look […]