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Virgin Money London Marathon

I am wishing everyone the best of luck in this week’s 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon. Unfortunately my hopes of achieving a personal best and getting closer to the Guinness World Record time to be the fastest person in that animal costume will have to wait for another year. I have come down with the […]

Attainment – Sport & activity in chools

This is one of many reasons I promote sport and activity in schools.   An increasing body of evidence shows that young children who are more physically active are more likely to achieve higher academic success, less likely to develop mental health problems and less likely to start participating in risky lifestyle behaviours such as smoking, than […]


 I was really pleased to take part in the first ever Meglio Conquer the Chilterns triathlon, as part of the F3 Events race series. I was wearing a pink and black race suit in my role as a Meglio Ambassador for the very first time. Being an ex GB rower and Leander Club member, the […]

From little acorns do oak trees grow

I currently write this, whilst waiting outside a bustling sports hall in Oxford while parents, children and teachers gather for their final sports awards ceremony. I’m reflecting on another year as being an athlete mentor. Being here makes me think back to when I first started out on my journey to becoming a mentor. It […]

How varied is your day?

Does anyone have a more varied day?  I have just found a minute to reflect on the last few days. This has seen me not only racing and training myself but also coaching, mentoring and teaching pupils from such varied backgrounds, I’m not sure if anyone else does this type of work, or at least […]


Since I won my first World Championship gold medal in Zagreb I have had a love affair with Croatia which has resulted in me visiting for the last ten years. I have been involved every year, usually the first weekend in May in the beautiful town of Split, as part of a selected bunch of […]


I think there are two types of people in regards to getting older, those who accept it and those who get old but won’t let their body and mind go without a fight. I’m the latter. I write this article whilst competing at the European triathlon Championships in Lisbon, the year I move up a […]

Marathon training with runner Becca Hayden

I’ve just completed another London Marathon improving from 6 hours 20 minutes last year to 2 hours 58 minutes this year so I’m extremely happy. One week before the big day, I did a training session with runner, Becca Hayden who was training for her first marathon. I was able to put Becca through her […]


Two years ago when I took on the challenge of raising money for 21st Century Legacy Trust I could never have imagined myself wearing a Morph suit, styled in cheetah spots from head to toe! I have suffered several injuries over the last two years which has made the challenge much more difficult and last […]

Pilates from the top of the Press Association

It was fantastic to be able to work with Clare Spreadbury’s running group from the Press Association in our final VIP Deep Heat training session.  Our other sessions, which featured outdoor fitness based around how to get the most out of our running pattern. This time, we brought proceedings inside and used my background as […]