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Pilates from the top of the Press Association

It was fantastic to be able to work with Clare Spreadbury’s running group from the Press Association in our final VIP Deep Heat training session.  Our other sessions, which featured outdoor fitness based around how to get the most out of our running pattern. This time, we brought proceedings inside and used my background as a Pilates instructor in order to benefit Clare’s running group with tips on core strength and how to stretch-out those frustrating niggles and pains related to long periods sitting at a desk at work. I find that muscular pain related to desk posture and workplace ergonomics is a common finding amongst my clients. Although running is a great exercise, I sometimes find that people take their office-based postures into their running gait which increases their risk of injury as well as slowing them down!

It has been fantastic to see their progress through the sessions and I am confident that their running group will go from strength to strength.

Toby Garbett


Deep Heat Ambassador

— Posted on 8th April 2016