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Fitness for Caged Canaries from the Wharf

I had not been to Canary Wharf for quite some time and it was nice to experience the new shops and cafes, which have sprung up. We camped out in one of these to go through my goal setting session with Laura Connor and Rosie Hopegood. I feel that when meeting clients for the first time it is imperative to establish their goals and expectations to get the metal focus before proceeding with training. One we had done this, we managed to find our own flood-lit training space along the Docks, where we went through some speed work. Being just two weeks out from the London Marathon, doing some short sharp, high-tempo pieces just above race pace can help during the race. After the session, we went through some hamstring and calf stretches as Laura Connor from the New Day magazine and Mirror online is a forefoot runner, which puts extra strain through these areas. I also left them with some  Deep Heat muscle massage roll on lotion which is great for applying to sore muscle pre-and post-training along with Deep freeze spray for after their Marathon exploits in a couple of weeks time. I wish them the very best of luck for their success in the Marathon and raising money for Cancer Research UK.

Their Just Giving site is https://www.justgiving.com/Laura-Connor6/


Deep Heat Ambassador

— Posted on 8th April 2016