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Following last years Virgin London Marathon attempt featuring myself, dressed as a cheetah, walking with a wounded David Hemery, both of us having Achilles tendonitis. I am planning to run this year and am lucky enough to have been given a celebrity place again and was on track to be the fastest person in fancy dress costume. The Guinness World Record is currently 2.48 but unfortunately the last month has featured no running at all, due to yet another injury.

After lots of consideration, ice and Deep Heat, I have decided to persevere and just go for it. Although it is likely to be painful on the day, I have the opportunity to raise funds for 21st Century Legacy Trust, started by Olympic Gold medallist, David Hemery. This trust inspires, engages and empowers children TO BE THE BEST THEY CAN BE and fulfill their dreams.

I would be very grateful if you would consider sponsoring me for this challenge.


— Posted on 7th April 2016