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I think there are two types of people in regards to getting older, those who accept it and those who get old but won’t let their body and mind go without a fight. I’m the latter. I write this article whilst competing at the European triathlon Championships in Lisbon, the year I move up a 5 year age bracket. All ages and disabilities are on show here from 16-85.

As I wait for my race of 1500m swim 40k bike and 10k run, its easy to say and think, “I’m getting too old for this”. When I was in my twenties as a rower in the GB squad, thirty year olds used to say “it’s alright for you” “you wait until you’re thirty, with kids it’s harder to stay fit and slim”. As I got into my early thirties, clients in their forties would say “you just wait, your metabolism changes at 40 it’s a lot harder”. I’m now right there with a child and my fifty year old clients are saying ” it’s alright for you” “you just wait” etc. but I’m not waiting for the inevitable.

I know ageing wins every single day but we can still go on fighting. If you approach life this way you can still learn things about yourself, mentally and physically plus there’s the added benefit that you are giving your body the best chance of health, wellbeing and longevity.

I would like to thank Annabel Menzies, Rob, Laurence & Charlie from Athlete services, Sarah Bowen, Olly at Olly Bars, Stevie @ Stevie Therapy, Deep Heat, Bonza Bike boxes, Apostherapy, F3 Events and Xterra wetsuits for their on going support.



— Posted on 8th June 2016