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Deep Heat & the Press Association 2nd run training session

I managed to pick another sunny day for Claire Spreadbury and her running team from the Press Association. We had the lovely backdrop of The Mall, Buckingham Palace and St James Park. Most winter running is done in miserable weather so when you get a day like this you have to enjoy it and make it count. The previous session was focused on running drills to increase speed and efficiency. This session was about passing over some of my top tips for race day preparation to ensure you get the best out of yourself. We chatted about pre race nutrition and what warm up to do to ensure you’re race-ready before the gun goes off. Once we had run through warm up there was only one thing for it – a flat out 5km. I had pre planed a route that took in the park and The Mall.

The group did very well by pushing themselves to the max. We finished with some warm down stretches on the railings along the Mall. Hamstring, quadriceps, hip flexor and calves were all focused on. I showed the group how to use the new Deep Heat Muscle Massage roll-on lotion to help soothe some of their calf and I.T band (pain in the outside of the knee, also called runner’s knee) issues. The group now move onwards and upwards with the London Winter 10K series. I wish them the best of luck and maybe one day they will be running down the Mall again, but next time, at the finish of the London Marathon.

Toby Garbett

— Posted on 29th January 2016