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Apostherapy and me

I have been pleasantly surprised by the treatment so far. I initially underwent a thorough gait analysis involving Katy Veale, London Clinical Lead, observing me walk forwards and backwards again and again. She then fitted the pods onto the Apos shoes and made repeated small adjustments to them until she was happy.

The strict advice was to stick to just 30 mins a day of wear, which did not seem very much. So with that in mind, my first outing in them was to the supermarket. Due to my rubbish shopping ability, I tend to do a fair amount of walking in a supermarket, getting to the last isle and forgetting something from the fruit and veg isle and back again. What struck me initially was that walking was actually easier and faster. Posture was also improved. The shoes give you about an extra inch of height not that I need it with being six foot four, but there’s always a shorter person that needs a hand from time to time with something from the top shelf!

The next day I could feel two things-my bum and feet had both been worked well. Being an athlete I am used to feeling the effects of a hard workout the day before, but never as a result of 30 minutes in a supermarket!! I’m looking forward to the rest of the treatment and what surprises it might bring when I start wearing them more.

— Posted on 31st December 2015

  • Randy Scott

    Toby: How did the APOS THerapy work out for you over time. Would you recommend it? What symptoms initially sent you to APOS?