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Need to Sleep better? – Try swimming

About one in three adults have difficulty sleeping at any one time, both physical and emotional stress are a common cause for this. Insomnia itself causes anxiety and so sufferers often end up in a vicious cycle of anxiety and sleep deprivation. Swimming is a great activity to relax your body and mind and this […]

Rowing Circuit workout “try 1 circuit 3x week1″ “4 circuits 3x week 4″

Cardio and weights Program Boat House GYM 4 circuits   Skipping 150   Bent over row 25 10-20kgs   Box Jumps 15   Side Plank 15 each side   Ergo 250m spilt 1.48-2.05   Press ups 15   Standing Sculling 20 2x4kg   Anchored ab folds 20   Squat thrusts to standing 20   Bench […]

Ski fitness ski skipping

Ski fitness ski skipping

Ski exercises Butt shaping toning strength exercises

Ski exercises Butt shaping toning strength exercises preparatory ski exercises injury prevention 

Toby Garbett Warm up exercises

Toby Garbett Warm up exercises Toby Garbett Warm up exercises injury prevention 


What we can learn from the sporting arena  Commitment & Assessment Make sure you commit your goals to paper. No athlete or business person can consistently achieve success without a continuous cycle of
 assessment re evaluation. This process allows the athlete to stay on track and can act as a journey to success. Measurable goals […]


START RIGHT – KEEP IT SIMPLE A recurrent New Year’s Resolution is ‘lose weight and get fit’- you have to start somewhere so January is as good a time as any.  People who keep their resolutions tend to be those that break each goal down into smaller steps. They take time to reward their success, […]

Get Fit this Christmas !

Get Fit this Christmas ! ADVENT CALORIE COUNTDOWN! The festive season is upon us. The cupboards, fridge and freezer have all been stocked and you have been invited to all those corporate lunches! With just a little bit of self-discipline it is perfectly possible to enjoy a Happy Christmas and enter the New Year feeling […]