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What we can learn from the sporting arena 

Commitment & Assessment

Make sure you commit your goals to paper. No athlete or business person can consistently achieve success without a continuous cycle of
 assessment re evaluation. This process allows the athlete to stay on track and can act as a journey to success.

Measurable goals

You will achieve more if you set yourself smaller steps towards measurable goals. If your goal is too large you may get overwhelmed by the size of it. Breaking it down into doable chunks is easier on the mind. Every athlete has firmly established and measurable long-term goals with shorter-term goals to provide  stepping-stones to success.


Most athletes have a team of people that facilitate success.  Understand your own strengths and weaknesses and get help if necessary to work towards a shared vision or goal.


Many athletes thrive in stressful situations (they also feel the same nerves and anxiety as the rest of us!) and do not panic when plans go wrong. They look at solutions and focus on controllable factors that they can influence. Adaptability and resilience are key for any success in sport. The failures are often the place where the most important lessons are learned, but only if you are willing to learn from them.

Peaks & valleys

In a journey towards success there is bound to be peaks and valleys of success and failure. A great athlete will not be too upset by short-term failure but equally will not be over excited by short-term success. Balance, creates less distraction and a higher likelihood of staying on track.


Every athlete understands that the journey to excellence is not an overnight one. The ability to set a progression path and stay on it, not just through one season but for multiple seasons is not easy.  To move from average to great takes time, many performers in business and life have often looked back and quoted, ‘it takes 10 years to be great at anything’.


If the above rings true, it is close to impossible to excel in sport or business without passion. This is a passion for the goal, the journey and the whole thing. If the passion is not there, the performance will never shine or at least not shine for long.

Good luck

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— Posted on 29th December 2013